Welcome at the Speedy´s!

Today Speedy Funk TV is offering: 

Multimedia Ü7 HD/UHD/CNG/IP Truck with up to 

9 Camera chain´s / several HD / 4K Live Video Transmission Chains

video Return chains / VOIP connections

6 HD CNG/SNG/IP Trucks with up tp 9 Live Cameras Chains, in 4 K & HD, Wirelesscamera

CNG Transmission technology redundant with up to 10 Video Channels 

Satellite Live transmissions Eurovision standard redundant – Dual Carrier

24 hour service

6 CNG/SNG/IP trucks

Satellite transmissions

Eurovisions/EBU Standard, 

2x Video, 32x Audio

+ CNG transmissions, H.264, H.265

10 Video, 16x Audio, per channel 30Mb/s

All technical details are available on request