Welcome at the Speedys!

Since more then 30 years we are dedicated towards producing high quality, professional television.
“Nothing is too difficult or even impossible” has brought us where we are today.
Targeted operational readiness, coupled with innovation and investment in future proof technologies should be the future point for everyone who is ready to face the new dimensions and visions with us.

About us

Founded in 1979 as a sales company for specialized communications equipment we have moved on 1983 to a professional Television Production company.
In 1985 the company began producing its first news stories from south east Europe. Soon this would become the company’s focal point of interest as news production overshadowed other production areas and developed into the company’s specialty. 
In 1994, the company took the logical step from ENG to SNG by purchasing its first digital fly-away. This innovative thinking culminated in 1996 with Speedy TV being one of the first companies to enter Iraq with an uplink after the 1st Gulf War. 

Today Speedy Funk TV is offering: 

5 HD CNG/SNG/IP Trucks  with up tp 5 Live Cameras Chains, in 4 K & HD, Wirelesscamera,

CNG Transmission technology redundant with up to 4 Video Chanels

Satellite Live Stransmissions redundant – Dual Carrier

Greenbox- Live Studio with our Fixed Studio Satellite Uplink  and a 24/7 Support Service.

5 CNG/SNG/IP trucks

Satellite transmissions
Eurovisions/EBU Standard, 
2x Video, 
32x Audio
+ CNG transmissions, 4x Video, 16x Audio, per channel 50Mb/s

All technical details are available on request

MCR Teleport – Playout Center und Live Studio 

1 Camera Greenbox  Live studio with moving  or Still backgrounds.
Turn-arround or just recording.
That´s all possible with our Vienna based Live studio 


XDCAM Edit / Linear or non Linear 
mobile or stationary

Unser Team

Unsere international tätigen Mitarbeiter / Teams sind ausgestattet mit High End Equipment und erfüllen höchte Ansprüche für Broadcast – Anstalten weltweit